Netflix Doubles its Subscriber Base in Canada

According to article in Globe and Mail today, Netflix doubles subscriber base in Canada, survey says.

Marketing Reseach firm, Media Technology Monitor did survey of 2,013 adults between March 6 and April 14, and suggests that about 25 per cent of English speaking Canadians have signed up for the Netflix. That’s up from 13 percent since spring 2012.

Interestingly according to the survey the number one reason that Canadians cancelled their Netflix account was lack of content.

A perceived lack of quality content was the most common reason given for cancelling Netflix, with 36 per cent saying there wasn’t enough to watch. About 28 per cent said they weren’t using the service enough to justify the monthly fee, 11 per cent thought the $8 price was too expensive, seven per cent said they were “just checking it out,” five per cent had technical issues, and three per cent moved residences and quit.

One way to get access to ALL of Netflix content worldwide is to use a proxy service. My article, How to Get US Netflix in Canada- Step By Step explains how easily you can get US Netflix in Canada.

Did You Know Netflix Monitors Piracy Sites for Content Ideas?

get us netflix in canada I am not sure why this cam as a surprise to me- its seems logical and pretty clever on the part of Netflix.
Why bother with Neilson families and expensive research when you can just look up on piracy sites what people are downloading?

According to the article at , Netflix uses piracy to figure out what TV shows to buy

And why not? You can ignore the fact that illegal downloading goes on or you cam find a way to make it work for you.
This is what the music Industry SHOULD have done when Napster cam biting at their heels. Instead of trying to push back the horses into the barn they should have seen it s an opportunity.

I don’t know if Netflix looked at pirating and peer to peer download sites as inspiration but good for them if they say what was coming. Blockbuster sure didn’t.
Netlfix saw the demand for binge TV. Watch entire season of a TV show at once. I missed Breaking Bad phenomena when everyone else was watching it and everyone else was telling me how great it was… but I had missed the first 3 season all ready !!!

Why would I get dressed .. get into in my car to rent the next DVD in the season .. when I could just download the whole thing for free. Mind you I then become a criminal and pirate and generally feel crappy about myself and how can I teach my kids not to steal while the watch me throw away my morals and values just to see what Walt and Jesse get up to next?
So along comes Netflix and for the low ,ow price of 7.99 I can binge TV to my hearts content. Full seasons of Scandal and Sherlock and old BBC crime thrillers. I remember a perfect winter break spent cuddling under the blankets watching Helen Mirren in More at IMDbPro » Prime Suspect.

So its no surprise that Netflix check out what people are downloading and watching when they determine what TV shows and movies to purchase for their catalogues.

Netflix Original Content Paying Off

Netflix began offering originally content this year with House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, etc.

This was an expensive gamble for Netlfix to make and one that is paying off.

In a new survey from RBC Capital Markets of 1,078 U.S. Internet users the firm’s survey discovered that found that 43% of Netflix subscribers said original content was a “moderately” to “extremely” important factor in their decision to keep the service.

So, while original content may not be the big push for new subscribers it is a big reason why the stay (And I am not sure I agree I just installed Netflix for 2 people who had heard about Orange is the New Black and wanted to watch… )

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