Hidden Gem on Neflix: British Television Drama “The Hour”

You can find The Hour on both UK and Canadian Netflix.
I just came off a 3 week Netflix binge of Mad Men and this two season series was a nice complement to the shiny feel of Mad Men. Set in London in late 1950′s it chronicles the start up of a 60 Minutes style new show on BBC network. The look and set direction remind me of Mad Men which is why I mention. I just love the retro feel and look of this show.

It touches on similar themes as Man Men- women in the workplace and the glass ceiling.. learning how to use this new medium of television and how it changed how we looked at the world.

PLot synopsis:
A behind-the-scenes drama and espionage thriller in Cold War-era England that centers on a journalist, a producer, and an anchorman for an investigative news programme.

The acting is STELLAR. Lots of familiar BBC faces and the story and writing superb, It only go a 7.3 rating on IMDB but no clue why score is so low.

How to Get Spotify in Canada


I have been using Pandora for well over a year. I have mostly used with my phone and Pandora APK app- when I use app it is commercial free. I get Pandora in Canada using US proxy service. You use same method to get Spotify as one to get US Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Pandora. I will explain below.

I prefer Spotify to Pandora for many reasons. No commercials for example. The biggest plus is you don’t have to be connected to you US VPN all the time to use. Spotify has roaming privileges. What does this mean??
You can be “outside” the Us for 14 days and then need to log with a US IP. This is very easy to do with unBlockUs. This measn I can use at gym, at Starbucks when I;m working and when I am camping.
I pay for my Spotify account using Canadian MasterCard no problem.

Here is how to get Spotify in Canada

1) You need some sort of a US proxy. I use UnBlockUs VPN service and very happy. There is a free 7 days trial and you don’t have to give a credit card or paypay, etc to use- which I love. I hate reverse credit when you have to tell them to stop billing you. You will be reminded in 7 days that your trial is over and only have to give payment info then. You can pay with any credit card or Paypal. I have been using UnBlockUSfor close to two years and tried several others and this is most stable and easy to use. As bonus you can also get US Netflix, Hulu and more.

If you are just using Spotify on your PC you can download the app at ublockus. If you want to use wirelessly on any device in your home ie. phone, ipad, tablet, etc you need to set up on your wireless router by changing the DNS settings on your router. After you sign up for your trial at UnBlockUs you get the new DNS numbers and easy instructions,
Don’t worry it isn’t that hard!!!!!! If my dad can do it pretty much anyone can :-)
Once you have your US proxy set up on your wireless router you can listen to Spotify on any any compatible device (when connected to wi-fi in your house) AND up to 14 days without using the wifi at your house. This is biggest benefit to me and worth every penny.

2) A Spotify account. You can only sign up for spotify after you get US proxy service. The VPN “tells” websites you have a US IP address and only then can you access US only sites.

To sign up with Spotify ( and few other US only sites) you need a US zip code and convert your Canadian postal code to American zip code.This is easy to do. Step by Step instructions on my posy How to Use Canadian Credit Card for US Services such as Hulu, Pandora,Vudu, Netflix etc. Don’t be scared!!!

3) A device to login and listen to Spotify. You can login and use Spotfiy on zillion different device. I use the Spotify apk installed on my android phone and it connects to Bluetooth speakers in my house. By far my favorite way to listen to music. Also use with PC, ipad, iPhone, smartphones,media streaming devices like wdtv, Sonos, etc.


If you are having trouble setting up please post and I’ll do my best to help :-)

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians Cutting their Cable:

From the Toronto Sun:

Some 250,000 Canadians ditched their cable or satellite services to stream TV online last year, and that number is on the rise.

Convergence Consulting Group’s report estimates that one in 50 Canadian TV subscribers cut the cord in 2012, and that another 130,000 will follow suit by the end of 2013.

Thanks to online services like Netflix, more Canadians are ditching their cable, and fewer are signing up for traditional TV packages.

cut cable cord image
Something I have known for the last couple of years! The Monopoly on our information and entertainment supply ( Bell/Rogers ) combined with antiquated CRTC rules and constraints have left Canadians looking for creative ways to avoid paying thru the nose for the entertainment.

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