Rogers Cell Phone Service Down Across Canada

Is Rogers Cell Phone Service Down?


No.. you didn’t forget to pay your phone bill!
Both Rogers and Fido cellular networks are down.

I was frantically dialing out different numbers from my cell and home line and finally put two and two together after panicky that I forgot to pay my bill.

You will be unable to make an outgoing call if you are with Rogers or fido and no one can call you.
I seem to be getting texts tho…
Apparentlyu soem ohones are working on 3g network. If you cant get service trying changing your band to 3G instead of LTE .

It must be serious as no word from Rogers on what is happening and yet the ENTIRE country without service.

Rooting Motorola Razr Droid Phone

Root Motorola Droid razr Phone easily and quickly With One Click

I have put off rooting my Motorola Razr for a long time. Whenever i went to look at rooting it I got lost in a see of code and gobble gook. I don’t know why developers like to use jargon and buzzwords that a layman cannot fathom or understand. I find it quite pretentious. Its seems like the more obtuse and less able to be understood the better.

At any rate I have been having constant issues with my Motorola Droid (from Rogers). It is the XT910 and is also referred to as Razr HD. This was the first Razr Droid to come out and I like it better then more recent version because it has HDMI output which was dropped on newer versions. I have been having problem with my haptic feedback cutting in and out after ICS update..and slow or freezing apps. My daughter has exact same phone and she has no problems.

I tired two version of rooting my Motorola Razr phone, the first seemed to be the most common, Motofail2Go: Atrix HD root exploitand I thought I would have little issue. I couldn not get to work but you may have better luck.

My first problem was install was getting stuck *Daemon started successfully*. This was solved immediatly by changing usb connection of phone from Mass Storage to MTP.

After that problem got this error over and over…
Please trigger a bugreport on your phone by pressing[*] Volume Up + Power simultaneously. If successful, your device[*] will vibrate. Make sure this vibration is distinct from the[*] vibration that occurs when you turn the volume all the way[*] down. Press enter once you have successfully triggered a[*] bugreport.
Press any key to continue . . .[*] Getting root…[*] This may take a minute or two.

Note- I tried several times and THINK it worked but still got error message below so likely did not work properly. I think it was the trigger buglog step that didn’t work for me. I tried at least 10 times and has to go thru new install and rebooting each time and was very consuming and got frustrated.

Dreaded fail message again…

[-] Exploit failed.[*] Cleaning up…
Success[*] Exploit complete![*] Press any key to reboot and exit.
Press any key to continue . . .

You are able to trigger bug report on Motorola Razr by pushing Power + Voliume Up button at same time. or NOT in my case.
I did get vibration and I am sure it did trigger report but I still couldn’t get the root to work using this method. I’m an sure there is nothing wrong with the method for 90% of users but after doing a lot of searching many people had problem rooting the Droid Razrs and the method I used worked perfectly on first try.

I usually don’t give up that easily and prefer to slug it out until I fix issue but I just didn’t have the patience.
I DID get my phone rooted with success in 5 minutes using EternityProject EasyRoot and wish i had given up sooner.

Step by Step Instructions for Rooting Motorola Droid Razr Phone

I used the EternityProject EasyRoot method and root was done very easily.
As a bonus Adobe Flash was also installed. YAY.

Download EasyRoot HERE

1. Download and unzip the package.
2. Install Motorola USB Drivers – Get them at Motorola Device Manager USB drivers and software
3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources) in “Settings” on your phone.
4. Enable USB Debug (Settings > Developer Options > USB debug) on your phone.
5. Enable Mock Locations (Settings > Developer Options > Mock Location) on your phone- turn off when done.
6. Connect the phone to your PC and change connection option to Media Sync or “MTP” (It will not work connected as mass storage)
7. Run the script (Double click on EasyRootICS_Windows.bat on your PC)

Process takes under 5 minutes and did not have to spend an hour trying to trigger bugreport!