Best Shows on Netflix Right Now

Updated List on what are best shows on Netflix to watch right now.

I am in Canada but able to watch both US and Canadian Netflix. How do you watch US Netflix in Canada? Read my post,How to Watch US Netflix in Canada – How to Set Up US Netflix account in Canada and Outside USA for easy easy easy step by step instructions. All you need is a device to watch it on ( laptop, iPad, PS3, Wii or X-box. WDTV Live, etc ) and a US proxy service. I use UnBlockUS and very happy with them. Recently they added service where you can toggle what nNetflix you’d like to watch so i switch back and forth and watch US Netflix, Canadian and UK Netflix.
Currently on Netflix- these are what I think are the best movies and TV shows to watch.

Hands down “House of Cards” is AMAZING! This is first content that Netflix has produced themselves and for my money stacks up as well or better than any HBO show. Storyline, acting, etc is top notch. Kevin Spacey is deliciously evil as US Congress whip, Francis Underwood. His wife is played by Robin Wright who I normally don’t like but she is perfectly cast as the icy and shrewd political wife. If you start to watch prepare to not leave your hose for 8 hours until youve’ watched them all. It is that good.

Watch US Netflix in Canada on Your TV iPad, Playstation 3, Wii , X-bix and More

Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a documentary about how big business exploits breast cancer and breast cancer awareness as a marketing tool.This has long been a pet peeve of mine and glad some one has made a movie bringing it to light. An excellent documentary.

More at IMDbPro » Revenge.We cut cord to cable for last couple of years so bit behind on some popular TV shows.This is an guilty pleaseue enjoyed by men just as much as women. PLot line is basically watching rich peoples lives implode with helping hand from protagonist.

Super 8 was surprisingly good. I was prepared to hate it but thought it very sweet and loved that it was set in the late 70′s. Never thought I would look back at those times fondly but this movie really stirred up longing for my youth.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol like alot of people I missed this at box people but was not a bad flick if you are clicking though your choices.

More at IMDbPro » Battlestar Galactica If you didn’t catch this than OMG you are in for a treat! Soooooooo good! Its sci fi but even if you dont like sci fi genre please give this a try.

Sherlock (TV Series 2010– ) – IMDb- Phenomenal. Now i like ANYTHING Sherlock Holmes and I think is best modern adaption I have ever seen. You have to paty attention because dialogue is comes so fast and furious but well worth the effort.

Downton Abbey. I hesitated about putting this on,ist because it is so well known and hardly a hidden gem- but so many people I know haven’t a clue what the show is that I wanted to share again. Very much a modern day Upstairs Downstairs. Also ADDICTIVE. On a strange note my 9 year old son likes to watch this with me… He likes the music and set designs ( go figure….)

Hell on Wheels is another show I am surprised people haven’t heard of. If you like Westerns ( think Unforgiven not High Noon) ..Gritty and compelling. This is a great show.

any other suggestions???