Get US Netflix in Canada – Step By Step Instructions

Get US Netflix in Canada and Outside USA

I got rid of cable about two months ago. We have been using Netflix Canada for a few weeks. The selection is not that great and the picture quality disappointing.
My brother mentioned I should set up a US netflix account but it seemed like such a hassle. It actually wasn’t. I am pretty computer savvy but can say that the set up would be pretty easy for most users. If you installed a wireless router in your house then you will be able to set up a US Proxy service and watch American Netflix no problem.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised how easy this was to do. After setting up US proxy service Netflix US was up and running on my PS3 within 5 mins. Same with WDTV Live. Just a matter of signing in. Getting Netflix US to work on my Wii was different story and will explain below.

Note: If you have any questions about setting up a US Netflix account in Canada – let me know and I will try and help!

How to Get US Netflix in Canada?

get us netflix in canada
What You Need to Get US Netflix in Canada
1)Netflix Account ( free trial for 30 days if you are new customer)

UPDATE: You do NOT need a US Netflix account to watch US Netflix in Canada if you are using UnBlockUS. You are able to choose your region and change easily and as often as you like .. You can toggle from US, Canadian, US and other countries with click of your mouse.
You can also set up a new US Netflix account AFTER you have set up US proxy service, but this is no longer neccesary.
You can use your Canadian login and Canadian account info- however you do still need a US proxy service to get US Netflix in Canada. There is no way around this.

2) A US proxy service. CLICK HERE to go to This is a must. Free trial for 7 days and very stable service.
This does not affect you computers speed and performance or bandwidth in any way.

3) A device to Stream Netflix
You can get US Netflix on your iOS Device , Android Device, laptop, PC,Mac, Gaming consoles , digital media players, Newer Blue Ray players and TV’s.

Watch US Netflix on your:
iPad, iTouch, iPhone.
Android Smartphones, Tablets like Nexus 7 and Samsung 10
PlayStation 3 PS Vita
Wii, Wii U
X-Box 360
-WD TV Live
Apple TV
Roku ( Now available in Canada!)
Google TV

LG Smart TV and Blu-Ray Players

Other Wi-fi enabled Blu-Ray players and TV’s, etc.

Get US Content in Canada- Hulu, Vudu and Pandora

note: this will also let you watch content as well- as you are “tricking” netflix server that you have a US IP address. ie that you are in States.

Once you have your US proxy set up on your wireless router you can watch Netflix US in Canada on any any compatible device (when connected to wi-fi in your house). If you are watching on computer /laptop / PS3, etc that is wired to your modem you need to set up service on your PC.

How to Watch Netflix US in Canada

Step 1- Set up US Proxy
Get a proxy server that makes it look like you are in US and be able to access “US only” content.
I really like UnBlockUS Was very easy to use a and a good price- 4.99 a month or 49.00 a year. Aside from your account this is all you have to buy. The cost is 4.99 a month- note they offer free 7 day trial that was super easy to set up. Its a win/win solution as you can try the US VPN for free and get trial for 30 days free. You can also use Canadian Paypal to pay the service with no issue.

So…… here goes.
Set up your American Proxy service with at or similar. are reputable and you get free 7 day trial if you are nervous.
I needed to change DNS settings for my wired PC and that was super easy and again good instructions on the site. I won’t bother to repeat here and re-invent the wheel.

You are going to have to make changes to your DNS settings on router- they have excellent instructions on the site. It looks a bit scary at first but I promise it is fairly easy.
Truthfully the hardest and most time consuming thing for me was I couldn’t get my Wii to connect to US Netflix account- more details about that at end of post.
Setting up the US VPN/ proxy server took about 5- 10 minutes. When I first used I had a Trendnet router and was bit tricky finding the DNS settings but eventually figured out. Since then I have had 2 different routers and both were very easy to set up- like 3 minutes less easy.
Here are detailed instruction for many router brands and how to change router DNS settings- don’t be intimidated!
Set Up Your Wireless Router Instructions .
Instructions for router brands like linksys, motorola, TP-Link, etc. are on site and even brand not listed still easy-ish. It is just a matter of inputting new numbers in DNS setting of your router.
If your brand not listed- don’t worry- its not that hard and you will be able to do with not much effort.

This is hardest part and you’re almost done!
Step 2
Sign into Netflix ( this assumes you all ready have an account with Netflix)

NOTE: After you have your router set up with a proxy service you can now access the Netflix.COM site and not the Netflix.CA site.

Most devices will all ready have Netflix app pr similar installed but you can get free download for your specific deivce from iTunes, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store, etc. I noticed Netflix often comes pre-installed on some phones. Digital media players ( Apple Tv, WDTV) all come pre-installed.

Getting Netflix US account to work with PlayStation 3 / PS3 in Canada

After your Netflix account is setup you need to install on your PS3. This was a BREEZE.
First if you have a CANADIAN Netflix app on your PS3 – delete it. Just go on the icon on your PS3 and hit options ( triangle button) and choose delete.
The go to PlayStation Store and re-download the Netflix PlayStation App. When downloaded just follow instructions. Takes seconds and works right away with no other changes or hassle.

You can get US Netflix with your Canadian account with the proxy service when set set up you are seen as “travelling” outside the country.
Set up your Netflix account ( you get 1 month free trial) at and input your Netflix user/pass when asked by your device
during setup.

Watching US Netflix on Your Wii Console in Canada

This took a while and answer was so obvious felt stupid. I could NOT get my Wii to connect and download to Kept going to
I went into Wii options and deleted Netflix data and then Netflix app.
I re-downloaded Netflix from Wii store and still nothing.
My not very computer savvy boyfriend came up with solution after watching me agonize and swear for half an hour. What was solution to getting Wii to get US Netflix??

Can’t get US Netflix on my Wii

All I had to do was change my Wii settings- change it to my location being United States not Canada- DOH!
You do need to delete the Netflix stuff in your wii Options before it will work tho.
I am not a fan of watching Netflix on Wii- it will not show in HD and I find using Wii remote cumbersome.
The PS3 is a perfect system in my mind.
My kids watch US Netflix on their laptops, X-box and Wii.
I could if I wanted to watch on my teeny iPhone screen as well and my friend loves watching it on her iPad.
WD TV Live with built in wi-fi- at Costco now for 95.00.

I hope you find this useful- I am AMAZED at easy it was!
I am going to see how how works next :-)

Let me know how well setting up US Netflix in Canada worked for you!


  1. Patricia Freeborn says:

    I purchased Netflix but have not been able to access it for the last 3 months. Does not recognize my apple TV unit. Very frustrated. HELP!

  2. @Patricia- what do you mean doesn’t recognize your apple tv unit? You cant see netflix app there????

  3. often when we are watching a movie it will freeze up any solutions?

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