How to Use Canadian Credit Card for US Services

You will have trouble trying to buy US services like Hulu Plus, Pandora , Spotify and Vudu and because of security systems in place. The Canadian address you want to enter wont work and is flagged and rejected.
To get access to these sites I am assuming your all ready have a US proxy service. If you have no clue what I am talking about read my article, Get US Netflix in Canada – How to Watch US Netflix in Canada and Outside USA- Set Up Us Netflix in Canada.

get spotify in canada

Basic Info on Using Canadian Credit card for Hulu, Hulu Plus, Vudu, etc.

You need a US address to enter. First figure what zip code you need to use and work from there
You use your postal code to get the right zip code.
Lets use this postal code as example:
M8X 1Y6
First you drop the letter in your zip code so above postal code converts to :


You need 5 digits to make a US zip code. The last 2 numbers don’t matter and you can add any number between 00-99 as your last 2 digits.

So 81600, 81601,81602, 81603 will work. BUT its has to be a real zip code that works in US so Google the number you come up with and see if any addresses come up.

You can also use a site that lists valid US Zips codes, like this one, USA Zip Codes
When I do a search for 81600 there isn’t one but I do see lots of others and I choose 81610 and this is in Moffat County, CO USA.

So now I have my Zip code.
As for address to input I look for something like a US Post office. I use that address plus the zip code I created from my Canadian postal code and voila!
I now have a usable US address to sign up for Hulu PLus, US iTunes,Pandora and others.
Hope this helps!


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