How to Watch Hulu and Hulu Plus in Canada

get hulu in canada Once you set up a US proxy on your computer or network in your home you have access to lots of content that is blocked in Canada- including Netflix US and Hulu / Hulu Plus. Hulu offers TV shows and movies similar to Netflix however Hulu is free and with Hulu Plus you get access to new and current shows for 7.99 a month. Hulu Plus also has HD content. They do offer a free trial.
How can you Watch Hulu in Canada?

You need to set up Us proxy on your computer and router. This is easier than it sounds- here on instructions from my post step by step instructions for Getting US Netflix. The process is exactly the same to set up Hulu Plus.

You will also need to get a Hulu Plus account.This is 7.99 a month and they do have free trial. It is a bit tricky using a Canadian address and Candian credit card to pay but it can be done. I give easy step by step instruction on my post, How to Use Canadian Credit Card for Us Services such as Hulu, Pandora,Vudu , etc.

You can watch Hulu PLus on your TV with Digital Media Players like Apple TV, Roku, WDTV Live, your PS3, Wii, X-box 360, PS Vita and iPhone iPad and wifi capable blu-ray players and newer TVs.
Its just a matter of setting up your set up a US proxy, Getting a Hulu Plus account and a device to watch it on.

Here are easy step by step instructions how to up US Netflix account with US proxy in Canada

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