Create Your Own Media Streaming Device- Use Free Boxee Software to Watch US Netflix, Pandora, Movies and More

UPDATE: Boxee No Longer Supports or Offers this Software Application.

Blown Away by the Content and Ease of Use Free Boxee Software!

what you need:
TV and proper cables to attach your laptop or computer
Download free Boxee software
Connect to you TV
Optional : Netflix Account ( and take 15 minutes to sign up for a US Netflix account- read how to set up US Netflix account in Canada and outside the United States )
Optional- Set up a US IP address living outside the United States
0ptional- Download Boxee Remore iPhone App
Optional- Install Navi-X app into Boxee

Was at my friends house this week and he has a Boxee Box by D-Link media streaming device
. It cost 200.00 and it has an easy to use interface that will stream content like music, movies, etc from his hard drive as well as watch Netflix and movies and TV shows found on the Internet. I ended up setting up a US IP for him so he could get US Netflix account and then spent time playing with Boxee.
I was pretty impressed. If a video or clip can be found on the internet, Boxee will find it and offer it up for you to play in a neat package.
I have been looking at getting something to be able to watch Netflix in my bedroom- right now I just steal kids Wii but that is a hassle.
So looking at buying a new Blu-Ray player that has wi-fi built in orWestern Digital WD TV Live Plus
I was seriously thinking of dropping 200 buck on this Boxee. I have some concerns because my internet modem and router are in basement and would have to go three floors up. There is no way I will fish wires and hard wire it to my modem with ethernet cable.

I saw that you could “build” you own boxee device- basically you are just using Boxee software on a computer. In this case I am using an older laptop ( Dell Inspiron 6000).
Was fairly easy. You can use in Canada no problem but getting a US IP for 4.99 a month lets you access 30X the content- including being able to use a US Netflix account and Pandora outside United States.
My friend after I set him up with US IP was thrilled to be able to get live TV from Britain .

How to Set up Boxee on Your Home Theatre or TV
1) Download Boxee software to the computer you are going to use.
2) Follow set up instructions. Not hard to do at all.They really do make it easy to do.

Connect your TV to computer with Boxee software installed.
with my Dell Inspiron I have S-video out and VGA output. I have Samsung LCD TV with inputs for just the VGA.
I set up the VGA but just ordered an adapter- a VGA to HDMI Cable for under 10 dollars.
. I do not have an S-Video input on my Tv and very few new ones do. If you are using an older TV you can get VGA Adapter to RCA Out Cables
as well.

VGA does not connect sound so need to get sound onto TV- just using a standard audio cable (3.5mm Stereo Male To Male Cable
) from headphone jack on laptop to input on TV. The laptop will treat the TV as a monitor anf you may have to make some adjustment on your laptop in Control Panel-> Appearances

VOILA! Boxee is set up and ready to go!

One thing that amazed me was that I could download iphone App that works as remote for Boxee- this works like a charm.
If you dont have iphone/itouch/ipad there is Android app as well. You could also use a wireless key board and have nearby.
I set up wirelessly and so far please with speeds and buffering. I have an “N” router but a/b adapter in my old laptop. I may pick up cheap wireless adapter for it to get better speeds.
With content on laptop now issues at all but with streaming load times long. Ideally this should be hardwired.

Boxee is up and running !
Here are some things you should do next to get most from it:
Set up Your netflix account. I cannot recommend enought getting a US Netflix account. You can get IS Netflix accoun even while living outside the United states- read my short article,
How to Set Up US Netflix account in Canada take about 15 minutes.

Also take time to install Navi-X . This will let you watch movies and TV – you will be stunned at how much is available all for free.

How to Add Navi-X to Boxee

Go to Repository section in Boxee.
Go to ” Add Repository” and copy/paste this URL :

Follow install instructions ( takes 2 minutes)
You can now launch Navi-X in Boxee from Apps section.

I know this sounds like a lot- its not. Sounds overwhelming but really it isnt!!!

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