How to Get US Netflix in Canada- Step By Step!

Get US Netflix in Canada and Outside USA

I got rid of cable about two months ago. We have been using Netflix Canada for a few weeks. The selection is not that great and I was bit disappointed.

My brother mentioned I should set up a US Netflix account but it seemed like such a hassle. It actually wasn’t. I am more computer savvy than most but even still the set up would be pretty easy for most users. If you installed a wireless router in your house then you will be able to set up a US proxy service and watch American Netflix no problem.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised how easy this was to do. After setting up US proxy service Netflix US was up and running on my PS3 within 5 mins. Same with WDTV Live. Just a matter of signing in. Getting Netflix US to work on my Wii was different story and will explain below.


Note: If you have any questions about setting up a US Netflix account in Canada – let me know and I will try and help!

How to Get American Netflix in Canada?

What You Need to Get US Netflix in Canada
1)Netflix Account ( free trial for 30 days if you are new customer)

UPDATE: You do NOT need a US Netflix account to watch US Netflix in Canada if you are using UnBlockUS. You are able to choose your region and change easily and as often as you like .. You can toggle from US, Canadian, US and other countries with click of your mouse.
You can also set up a new US Netflix account AFTER you have set up US proxy service, but this is no longer neccesary.
You can use your Canadian login and Canadian account info- however you do still need a US proxy service to get US Netflix in Canada. There is no way around this.

2) A US proxy service. CLICK HERE to go to This is a must. Free trial for 7 days and very stable service.
This does not affect you computers speed and performance or bandwidth in any way.

3) A device to Stream Netflix
You can get US Netflix on your iOS Device , Android Device, laptop, PC,Mac, Gaming consoles , digital media players, Newer Blue Ray players and TV’s.

Watch American Netflix on your:
iPad, iTouch, iPhone.
Android Smartphones, Tablets like Nexus 7 and Samsung 10
PlayStation 3
PS Vita
Wii, Wii U
X-Box 360
-WD TV Live
Apple TV
Roku ( Now available in Canada!)
Google TV

LG Smart TV and Blu-Ray Players

Other Wi-fi enabled Blu-Ray players and TV’s, etc.

Get American Netflix in Canada- Hulu, Vudu and Pandora

note: this will also let you watch content as well- as you are “tricking” netflix server that you have a US IP address. ie that you are in States.

Once you have your US proxy set up on your wireless router you can watch American Netflix in Canada on any any compatible device (when connected to wi-fi in your house). If you are watching on computer /laptop / PS3, etc that is wired to your modem you need to set up service on your PC.

How to Watch Netflix US in Canada

Step 1- Set up US Proxy
Get a proxy server that makes it look like you are in US and be able to access “US only” content.
I really like UnBlockUS Was very easy to use a and a good price- 4.99 a month or 49.00 a year. Aside from your account this is all you have to buy. The cost is 4.99 a month- note they offer free 7 day trial that was super easy to set up. Its a win/win solution as you can try the US VPN for free and get trial for 30 days free. You can also use Canadian Paypal to pay the service with no issue.

So…… here goes.
Set up your American Proxy service with at or similar. are reputable and you get free 7 day trial if you are nervous.
I needed to change DNS settings for my wired PC and that was super easy and again good instructions on the site. I won’t bother to repeat here and re-invent the wheel.

You are going to have to make changes to your DNS settings on router- they have excellent instructions on the site. It looks a bit scary at first but I promise it is fairly easy.
Truthfully the hardest and most time consuming thing for me was I couldn’t get my Wii to connect to US Netflix account- more details about that at end of post.
Setting up the US VPN/ proxy server took about 5- 10 minutes. When I first used I had a Trendnet router and was bit tricky finding the DNS settings but eventually figured out. Since then I have had 2 different routers and both were very easy to set up- like 3 minutes less easy.
Here are detailed instruction for many router brands and how to change router DNS settings- don’t be intimidated!
Set Up Your Wireless Router Instructions .
Instructions for router brands like linksys, motorola, TP-Link, etc. are on site and even brand not listed still easy-ish. It is just a matter of inputting new numbers in DNS setting of your router.
If your brand not listed- don’t worry- its not that hard and you will be able to do with not much effort.

This is hardest part and you’re almost done!
Step 2
Sign into Netflix ( this assumes you all ready have an account with Netflix)

NOTE: After you have your router set up with a proxy service you can now access the Netflix.COM site and not the Netflix.CA site.

Most devices will all ready have Netflix app pr similar installed but you can get free download for your specific deivce from iTunes, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store, etc. I noticed Netflix often comes pre-installed on some phones. Digital media players ( Apple Tv, WDTV) all come pre-installed.

Get US Netflix in Canada with PS3

After your Netflix account is setup you need to install on your PS3. This was a BREEZE.
First if you have a CANADIAN Netflix app on your PS3 – delete it. Just go on the icon on your PS3 and hit options ( triangle button) and choose delete.
The go to PlayStation Store and re-download the Netflix PlayStation App. When downloaded just follow instructions. Takes seconds and works right away with no other changes or hassle.

You can get US Netflix with your Canadian account with the proxy service when set set up you are seen as “travelling” outside the country.
Set up your Netflix account ( you get 1 month free trial) at and input your Netflix user/pass when asked by your device
during setup.

Watching US Netflix on Your Wii Console in Canada

This took a while and answer was so obvious felt stupid. I could NOT get my Wii to connect and download to Kept going to
I went into Wii options and deleted Netflix data and then Netflix app.
I re-downloaded Netflix from Wii store and still nothing.
My not very computer savvy boyfriend came up with solution after watching me agonize and swear for half an hour. What was solution to getting Wii to get US Netflix??

Can’t get US Netflix on my Wii

All I had to do was change my Wii settings- change it to my location being United States not Canada- DOH!
You do need to delete the Netflix stuff in your wii Options before it will work tho.
I am not a fan of watching Netflix on Wii- it will not show in HD and I find using Wii remote cumbersome.
The PS3 is a perfect system in my mind.
My kids watch US Netflix on their laptops, X-box and Wii.
I could if I wanted to watch on my teeny iPhone screen as well and my friend loves watching it on her iPad.
WD TV Live with built in wi-fi- at Costco now for 95.00.

I hope you find this useful- I am AMAZED at easy it was!
I am going to see how how works next :-)

Let me know how well setting up US Netflix in Canada worked for you!


  1. just followed your directions to a T and everything works! Thanks!!

  2. Sweet!

    So easy works great! Thanks for posting!

  3. How will the exsisting program eg download sites and PS3 online gaming be effected by changing the DNS setting on my D-link router.

  4. Will NOT affect anything- speeds, etc.
    Good Luck!

  5. Once i change my router settings, will i get charged my normal internet bill for using american internet?

  6. It hs nothing to do with your Internet service provider or where you get your internet from. All it does is change the DNS setting in your router so when you go to certain sites they don’t block you from being in Canada. This is based on your IP address… sort of the address for you computer. Does not affect speed ,etc in any way.

  7. melanie lang says:

    so if we did this and had it set up, could we buy a wifi bluray player from USA< and watch netlix US on it?

  8. You can buy a wifi bluray player here and watch US netflix.

  9. any idea how to access They will not accept entropay. I have US netflix up n running. as you said very easy to do.

  10. Do you need to change your DNS setting on your router to get the American Netflix account on a Canadian ps3? Or can you just set up an American Psn account and use the u.s. Netflix on that?

  11. Bob Bertrand says:

    Hulu is free (no charge); no need for Entropay or Paypal or anything else.

  12. @Spencer You still need to set up a proxy server, like Unblock-Us . If watching on PS3 you can use your Canadian netflix account but you do still have to change your DNS settings.
    The idea is you are Canadian with Canadian Netflix account but if you have the US DNS settings it will “see” you as a Canadian traveling in the United States using your Canadian Netflix account.
    Make sense?

  13. Hi

    Im not sure I am getting the full US library. I;ve had netflix canada since it arrived and just last week i started with this US IP stuff. Although, I went a different route. ( yours is a much simpler approach and wish i saw it earlier!) Anyways I got a US IP from Strongvpn. Set up my router and got access to the US Netflix as well as all the US networks that stream episodes etc. But what i have noticed that i hardly get the selection of movies that i thought i would. I definitely get more tv show content. For example I had used to get Unstoppable on Canada, but not on US anymore. Weird Science in Canada but not in US any more. I came across this post here and i dont even get half the movies there even though i am in the US netflix. Can check your library please??? Maybe I do need a US netflix account. Please let me know if you get those movies.

  14. Forgot to mention, I also tried, since its free trial; updated my dns, but still dont get the movies which i believe i should…..To be honest the Canadian netflix had a better selection of new movies than US! But this cant be true right?! there has to be something wrong with my account.

  15. I got a us netflix account haven’t hooked up a device yet but watched a movie on the computer,I now have a wd tv live,and did not hook up even though i watched a movie ,when i get wd up will that afect my as account,as i am in canada and 1 movie went through my ip address?? thanks very much

  16. @doug
    If you are using WDTV live wirelessly you will have US netflix (if you have changed the setting in your router and not just on your computer) .
    If your WDTV live hard wired with ethernet cable depends on where you connect. If you connect to your MODEM will be Canadian netflix.
    If you connect to your ROUTER will be US Netflix.

  17. @triplet best way to check is to log onto your US netflix account on your computer. Are you being re-routed to Canadian site?
    Look at your recently watched/instant queue and see if it matches what device you are watching.
    It doesn’t sound right to me you would have worse movie selection- though selection available might be subjective.
    You can toggle back and forth between US and Candian netfix btw if using a wired to connection from your device and not wireless.
    Connect Ethernet cable to MODEM for Canadian or connect to router for US netflix ( provided you have changed the DNS setting in your router)

  18. Yeah selection does vary between US and Canada. My Watched list changes according to what is available in the Country I am viewing in. If I try to select a movie that I was watching while on Canada Netflix it will say item is not available and vice versa.
    I do not have a US netflix account. I am using the Canadian membership. This could be a factor.
    Nevertheless, I just input the dns servers when i need to through my LAN properties.

  19. @ trip[let- you can only access US netflix with a Canadian account on your computer or PS3.

  20. Correct, I can access US netflix, via my pc, ps3. I can also get US netflix on my tablet (asus transformer) if i set the dns address through my router. Currently I have only set the dns address on the pc and ps3 manually and not through my router. I wish though there was an app of some sorts so i can watch network stations, IE ABC, FOX, CBS on my ps3. But I dont think that exists. I cant seem to get those sites to stream through the ps3 browser.

  21. So if I have a ps3 and a strongvpn acct
    If I’m hard wired all I have to do is chage the DNA setting on the ps3 and I’ll get the us content?
    I would not have to change the router

  22. what is the benefit of the US account if i can get the US content with my Canadian account and the proxy server?

  23. Hello, i have the US Netflix up a and running on the 7day trial. Everything seems to be working fine, I did however expected to see a larger selection of movies listed. The amount of movies seems to be almost the same only that the titles are different. How do i go about getting Hulu available to me?

  24. Is there ANYWHERE online that can tell me step-by-step how to setup the unblockus service? I’ve signed up for it, but I cannot seem to figure out my ipad2 iOS5.0.1 settings. I need SIMPLE step-by-step instructions. I’ve tried they’re instructions a few times, but I’m obviously missing some crucial step somewhere.


  25. @Shelley- you shouldn’t have to change anything in your ipad – if you operating your ipad in 3G you wont be able to use un-block us service. If using wi-fi the setting are changed at router level.
    If you let me know what exact problem is will try and help.

  26. Great thanks for your help :)

  27. I changed my router no problem, utilized the zip given, have netflix… no idea whether it is US or CAN.
    But did not get an activation code…. what did I do wrong??

  28. Hey,

    First of all, great site. Its one of the few webpages with good information all in one place for Canadian to US Netflix accounts.

    Anyhow, I have a question. Like you said, Netflix no longer required a US based account and you can use your own Canadian credit card. Later on you said a Canadian Paypal account will not work.

    Was this before or after the update? Since the update to Netflix regarding US accounts, can you use a Canadian paypal account and still get access to US content?

  29. Under Step 2 I would also like to suggest another great service called unotelly. Basically it is the same as netflix but offers more channels and also some free channels. Thanks.

  30. after setting up on ps3, can i use settings on xbox,and wii consoles in the house?

  31. hey was just wondering last week my us neflix whent down an put me back to canadian netflix i just changed my primary an secondary dns numbers like 4 months ago an it worked fine but now i just stoped working as of last week …. was just wondering if u new any new dns ##???

  32. @Kyle- are you using a proxy server or service of some kind?

  33. @scotty- I am assuming you mean a Canadian netflix account? You cannot use Canadian netflix account with wii or xbox.

  34. @Mark Netlix does not require a US Netflix account FOR SOME DEVICES. If you are wathcing on a wii or xbox or most blu-ray players you need US netflix account. Canadian paypal is not accepted for US netflix.
    The Canadian paypal you can use with the proxy service- as it is a Canadian company.. Make sense?

  35. @D. What device are you using? When you first login you will see url for or .ca. You don’t need an activation code for most devices.

  36. Hey, well done – good recommendations and smooth tutorial.

  37. Well done, nice tutorial and good recommendation on the proxy service!

  38. AWSOME!!!! thank you sooo much! canadian netflix sucksssss! :)

  39. Thanks for the instructions, Ill be setting this up next week when I move, hope all goes well.

  40. A friend recently gave me DNS settings to change in my PS3. I entered the new settings and got US netflix with no troubles. I didnt buy any US proxy or whatever. My issue is that my internet usage is OUTRAGEOUS. I went from using roughly .7G/day and now im upwards of 25G per day! Anyone else have this problem?? How do I fix it????? HELP!!!

  41. @julie.. Wow. There is no way you could be downloading 25 gigs a day and not know it.
    First i would check any wireless settings and see that it is secure amd what devices are connected and make sure no one is stealing your bandwidth.
    Did you try changing back to old dns settings and checking how much you use?
    Good luck.

  42. Barbaara Clubb says:

    I only have a Canadian Visa as a Credit Card and as I read your info it gives me the impression that you won;t accept this as payment. I am having a difficult time understanding this as we have had it for at least 40 years and it is a reputable company. I really am interested in this U, S, Netflix but only if I can get it somehow hooked up to my television set . My sons are ready to help me technically if you do accept Scotia Visa. Let me know. Thank you in advance for looking into this for me. Mrs. Clubb

  43. i did exactly as you said, deleted my current netflix then changed my settings to USA not Canada and re downloaded netflix but it didn’t work, it’s all the same shows/movies I already had available- nothing better.

  44. I would like to have American Netflix because it’s a lot easier to have and more movies and tv shows are on.

  45. @john- yes

  46. do you have unblock-us set up? Did you change DNS settings on router? How have you connected PS3- wired or wireless?
    If connected wirelessly will work fine if you have set up on your router properly.
    If wired you MUST have ethernet cable inserted into ROUTER where you have changed DNS settings.

  47. We had a Canadian Netflix account for a month free and went through unblockus for an American DNS. Do we have to keep our Canadian Netflix or is the $4.99 a payment to “unblockus or a payment to Netflix US for the service. We have had Netflix on our iPad, Smart TV, laptops and iPhone. Did we goof by cancelling the Canadian Netflix at the end of our free trial?

  48. Recently lost US Netflix for unknown reasons. Have Canadian netflix back up but cannot get US. Have problems following instructions to program Apple box. Once everything changed as instructed the “date & time” will not lock in even after 1 hr.

    When I originally programed the Apple box it showed the US for a location. This time I had to go in a selected US for location but most of the time this will not lock on either and the location is shown as “blank”. Any suggestions. Tks Wayne

  49. Does anyone know how to switch to American netflix on a Samsung galaxy s3 phone and a Samsung galaxy tablet? It was easy on our Wii and iPad, but nor easy on the Samsung products.

  50. @Tiffany- you are on wifi?It wont work if you are over cellular network.

  51. @Kati- do you have us proxy set up?You need to subscribe to service otherwise nothing you do will work. Your IP address ( your internet access address) tells Netflix what Country you are in and will serve up Canadian Netflix. When you use proxy it tells service you are in US.

  52. PLEASE HELP!! did everything I was supposed to with my server deleted canadian Netflix and App and changed my country to US and it is still putting me on Canadian Netflix on my Wii but online it is US. What do I do???

  53. Geek Mom says:

    @Sandy- Do you have a US proxy? Did you set up your router?
    So I understand- you have US Proxy set Up on your router and have your Wii connected to that network and still not working?
    You also need to delete Netflix DATA from Wii in settings.

  54. Just wondering the exact way for my wd tv live i have a cdn account set up. i tried on my pc with the free trial and received american net flix but my wd tv live still had canadian ? how do i go about getting it set up

  55. Geek Mom says:

    @Mark – it sounds like you don’t have your router set up OR your setting in UnBlockus are set for Canadian Netflix.
    If unblockus is set up on your pc using their app you will automatically have US Netflix on the PC.
    If you have not changed DNS setting on yout router you will have Canadian.
    If your DNS setting changed for your router its possible that on unblockus site setting are for set for Canadian Netflix… you will still have US netflix on your PC but wireless will be Canadian across the board.
    If you can tell me your setup I may be able to troubleshoot more effectively.

  56. I live in Calgary, Alberta. Canada My cable & Internet are hard wired through TELUS. I had Canadian Netflix this way before, but it was coming into the house through someone else’s account & Telus internet service. I also have a Blu Ray player hooked up to my HDMI Television. I understand using UnBlockUS……BUT can this all be accomplished without going Wireless Router? I prefer to have my Internet hard-wired.

  57. Geek Mom says:

    @John – yes you can have hard wired but still need to go thru router. You can use a wireless router as access point with cables. Depending on the brand you will have multiple connections on back of your router for just this purpose.
    When you have changed DNS settings on your router you can plug in Ethernet cable to back of router and to your device i.e. This works very well for PS3 or WDTV.
    There should be no reason why your hard wired Blu-ray player won’t work using this method. Good Luck and let me know if you have a problem!

  58. I have Ca netflix on my tv via a apple box how do I get usa netflix

  59. I will be using your service. I have not setup Netflix yet. Should I setup Netflix before your service? Should I setup my account with US Netflix or Canadian Netflix?

  60. @Blair- I would start with easiest. Try Canadian Netflix account first ( there is free 30 day trial).
    Then set up UnblockUS.. tho order doesn’t really matter that much. Good Luck!

  61. @Alan- the easiest way to get US Netflix with your Apple TV is to use a unblockus service, It is 5.00 a month and worth every penny. After it is set up all you have to do is toggle which Netflix you want to use on the UnblockUS website. You can switch between US, UK, Canadian, Mexico, etc. and it is instant. My 9n year old son uses his ipod to switch over because he can only get Sponge Bob on UK Netflix.

  62. do I have to change dns settings on computer if I changed the router dns

  63. @Jim if your computer is connected to internet through router(wired) no. If wirelessly no. If connected directly to modem then yes.
    The DNS settings are for router and will affect any device accessing internet thu your router.

    This is only if you want to access US content on your computer.

  64. @jim It sounds like a buffering issue. If you can hard wire to your router do so. You can change the video quality settings in your Netflix account ( under user profile/my account) this will change the amount of data coming though your internet connection. Try changing that to better or good quality.
    Check your router’s placement and antennae.

  65. I was able to access netflix US on our wii but each time we shut it off it won’t work? It comes up saying it can’t access netflix and to go to Any thoughts

  66. The most common port for a Virtual Private Network is TCP port 1723.

    The MPLS solutions is next to nothing rather difficult to have an understanding of.
    Many mobile devices have encryption options installed, although they are not always automatically switched on.


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